Sarah Moore from PEAK Functions offers the perfect solution to your plentiful tomato supply at this time of the year!

“This is an old fashioned tomato sauce recipe I make each year. The spices just hit the spot with the flavours, plus I was given this recipe by a dear friend who passed away, so brings back fond memories of her each year when I make it.

Old Fashioned Tomato Sauce

1.  In a pot goes:

6 kg Tomatoes

1 kg Onions

125g Salt

1 kg Sugar

½ tsp Cayenne pepper

30g Ground ginger

½ tsp Ground nutmeg

3 Tart apples

2.  Boil, then simmer for 1 ½ hours.

3.  Strain, then add:

3oz Acetic acid (purchase this at your chemist)

¼ Dram oil of cloves


4.  Bottle your tomato sauce.  It will make approximately 5 litres and should be stored in a cool dry cupboard.”