Enduro Mountain Biking was born in Europe 10 years ago and exploded onto the NZ scene last summer. Gravity Enduro encapsulates everything people love about the sport of mountain biking – the off-road adventure, physical and tactical challenge, test of skills, adrenaline fix, combined with fun social riding; and at the same time teases out the little bit of competitiveness and thrill-seeker we all have inside of us.

The Cardrona extreme Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is an Enduro mountain bike event akin to that delivered in Europe – epic in size and nature. On Sunday, 13 April 2014 and based from the historic Cardrona Hotel, the event delivers up to 4,800 meters of vertical descent over four stunning special race stages from ridgeline and mountain top, right down to the valley floor. Get your riding mates together, register here, then shuttle to the top and race them back down!

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